One of the largest independent state organizations  in the US, tough economic times, the reduction of available medical equipment companies in the state, and budgetary belt tightening has made  companies realize more than ever that that now is not the time to turn away from the associations that have worked with their members to face the challenges as they come.  FAMES is now, as it always has been that strength on which its members have come to rely.  

THE Florida Association of Medical Equipment Services
2805  8th Avenue West
Bradenton, Florida 34205
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FAMES  THE Florida Association 
THE Florida Association of Medical Equipment Services
Serving the medical equipment industry continuously since 1982
From Pensacola
To St. Augustine
To Jupiter Inlet
To Key West
To Anclote Key
To Boca Grande
The Florida Association of Medical Equipment Services (FAMES) is one of the oldest state organizations in the United States dedicated to those providing in home medical services. Founded in 1982, the association functioned as the Florida Association of Medical Equipment Dealers (FAMED) until the name was changed in 1998 in order to reflect or be more descriptive of the association’s true role in the home medical environment. 
The association and its officers devoted itself to promoting the industry by lobbying tirelessly for Medicare, Medicaid and healthcare reform, the combating of fraud and abuse within the system, the promotion of professionalism through licensure and accreditation, and by working with other national and state organizations with similar goals..
Guiding and striving to protect the medical equipment industry for over 30 years