Hurricane Season
June 1, 2017 begins hurricane season; now is NOT the time to get complacent...

noaa hurricane watch
Click on the NOAA Logo for all the latest storm information and projections
Key factors to deal with in the event of an approaching storm are:
  • When and how the company activates the company plan 
  • How lists of critical or at risk patients are compiled and contacted 
  • How company files and computer data are backed up and protected 
  • How and how much back up oxygen is distributed to your patients 
  • At what point are your vehicles pulled from the roadways. Generally most counties pull their emergency vehicle when wind speeds reach a sustained 40 miles per hour, and 
  • When do you send your employees home and how soon following the storm do you plan for them to reassemble and where. 
Remember if your area is in the path of the storm. you may not be able to gain access to your facility and if you can, you may have incurred damage from the storm as well.

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When Returning to Your Place of Business
Don't try to leave your home or shelter until emergency officials tell you it is safe to venture out.
Do Not Enter if:
  • You Smell Gas
  • The Floodwaters still surround your building
  • There was damage to the property and local authorities have not declared it safe to re-enter
When the Storm First Threatens
  • Start monitoring the news and use the FAMES web site to track the path of the storm
  • DON"T be mislead by landfall predictions. Remember the predictions are just that and storms have been known to change course.
  • Review your emergency plan with company employees. Discuss evacuation plans and rally points for when the storm passes.
  • Begin your computer back-up to protect your PHI.
  • Gather your supplies: Check your flashlights in your vehicles; get extra batteries;buy aerosol kits that fix and inflate flats 
  • Check your vehicles: check the battery, oil and water; fill the tank, and emergency break down equipment such as reflectors.
  • Charge up all rechargable cell phones, drills, flashlights, lanterns, etc.
  • GET CASH - Remember if the power is out the ATM's wont work.
For the Family:
  • Follow the local Hurricane Preparedness guides prepared by your local TV and Radio Stations
  • Make sure your family and your property are protected.
During the Storm
  • Stay Inside
  • Stay away from windows and doors
  • Avoid using electrical appliances
  • If the storm intensifies, move to a safe interior room.
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